Index of Vocabulary


in books, magazine and all of the written text contain variety of words and sentences. A list of words in a text or group of texts, with information about where in the text each word occurs and how often it occurs or simply an index of words is a concordance. For the line of texts in an electronic form, it is a corpus. If you are interested to know more about this topic, these are my suggested websites:

This is a video related to concordance:

Answer these questions:

1.Do you think that computer can assist you to become a better language learner Yes elaborate why No elaborat why

2.How effective is blogging in assisting you in the followings 1. confidence in writing 2. confidence in publishing your work 3. getting ideas to write 4. improving your writing skills

3.If you are going to use computer to teach language one day which language learning website will you recommend? Elaborate why do you recommend that website.If you dont have any recommendation and would like to develop your own website explain what, why and how.


1. Using the computer do help in improving my language learning process. It make more aware of unconscious mistakes that I usually done. However, it does not totally improve my skills. To me, I need to learn it the hard way which is by speaking. I seldom have time to sit in front of my laptop or surf the web and most of the time, books that I carry is my important teacher. Hence, for me, conventional method is more reliable.

2. For me writing a blog does help me a lot. It improve my sense of creativity in writing skills by using other kind of attraction rather than simply put written words. It also generates critical thinking in me as I surf the web to search for any reliable sources that can be included in my posts. Thus, when all my hard work has put together, I did get better self-confidence in posting my true blog posts.

3. In the future, if I have the chance to teach English or other languages, I would like to join BBC Learning English website.

The reason is because this website provide good basic learning and teaching method for users to comprehend. For example, the pronunciation page that utilise video to show how all of the phonetics in English sound like. It also provide several quizzes for users to test their skills. Further more, many people do enjoy watching and use BBC Learning English webpage.

Sorry. I forgot to put up the link. Here it is:


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