To Ensure Good English Learning

In our tutorial, we have to analyse tests especially English tests. The one that I did is the reading test in :

There are only 11 questions in the test and the students are required to do it within a time frame.


Looking at the text provided for this reading comprehension, the idea or the main topic is a general knowledge that unbiased for all students all over the world meaning known to most or unknown to most equally. The test and the text content are parallel to each other or synchronise thus negating questions that out of topic.

The scoring scheme somewhat stable as the questions are not actually plenty that the marking would be incorrect. Fortunately I managed to get 10 out of 11.

:: TIME ::
The test was given out in a time frame. This helps the users to practise like a real exam.

The time given is only 15 minutes but based on the number of the questions asked, the time frame is sufficient enough.

The test is quite simple hence the assessment is not actually reliable to compare it to the real exam. The questions are not many to really test the users’ English reading skill.

The organisation of the question and text is quite helpful as the text can be scrolled down right next to the question.

Because the test must be done with Internet connection, some problems might occur. First is connection breakdown, coverage or loading speed. This problems will interfere with users time management while doing the test thus making it harder for the users to do it within the time limit. The another would be the problems from the computer itself. If somehow the computer break down during the process of answering the test, then all will be useless and users have to start the questions all over again.

:: THE IDEA ::
Based on the observation through Hybrid Learning that most of us got from Online Learning and Teaching in ELT page 148, the idea of the website is very promising. The exams or tests can be done more than one at once and thus expands the limit of a teacher in a class. The attraction that built up confidence in a student that using that website promotes more activities that teachers found hard to get. Furthermore, this technique helps students to build not only the subject that they are studying but also other skills such as social skills and ICT skills.

Lets loosen up a bit by watching this video :


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