My Love to You………..

For this post, I would like to discuss the websites used in understanding literature mostly on the novel The Pearl.

The websites I managed to find are :

1 ::

This website is created by JustEnglish magazine to teach secondary students about English literature. It covered almost all the literature components and provided plenty of notes for students to refer to.

2 ::

This website is mainly for Form Five students who take The Pearl as their SPM novel. In this website, students can learn all the important notes and topics that need to be studied. It also give out several tips about literature marking scheme.

Internet has make learning literature better as it provides students with helpful knowledge whether it is compulsory or just extra facts. Students can find links that are related to what they are studying right now and find plenty of useful websites that can help them navigate through the subject. The notes are also in an easier format so students will not find it hard to extract them themselves. The notes are also in an organised way making it easier for students to switch pages. Plus, many websites has extra features that can attract more users to read its content.

By using the internet as a new “book” for students to learn, hosts must provide every interesting and useful info for the users and must find the most effective way to attract them as well. They can use pictures or icons to make things less mundane as pictures are easier and simpler for users to understand its main idea. Audio can also be integrated with the text like audio text for example to help even the blind students to understand their content. Using multimedia thus helps not only to attract students to learn but also to help them remember what they have learnt.

Of Me?
I think both website is very useful as they provide good resource for my understanding. They have summarise most topics and categorise them wonderfully. For novel such as The Pearl, one cannot master the important facts just by a single reading. So, these websites help me prepared for what I must learn. I give you a Youtube video about The Pearl for you to see. Enjoy!



  1. Irene Chang Said:

    seems like everyone is interested in “The Pearl”. i like your posting. it’s good with a video. thumbs up. ^^

    • Thanks. But I still think I lack many things. Wonder is just video and pictures are sufficient enough..hak3

  2. hana Said:


    Wow Amir, now that you’ve discovered all, this blog has become so alive and never look back since. hehe. 4 thumbs up! And love the vid, though I have this tendency of despising The Pearl for what happened to the baby, huhu. Otherwise, great blog! ^_^

    • Thanks. We are learning everyday and I try to improve my work as possible as I can managed. Yours is ever interesting Hana. Keep up the good work!

  3. creolecupid Said:

    haha to the cute, yet i wonder about the title of this posting..btw good job.

    • hana Said:

      me too, Aisyah, me too… haha

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