Of The CMC For Intelligent Being

The collaboration of technology enhancements with basic communication technology sure help a lot by promoting prompt messages and ideal idea transaction. This new means of communication is divided into two categories which are asynchronous and synchronous communication. Synchronous communication can be understand fully by this webpage :
and to give you the idea :

Asynchronous communication basically means
the transmission of data between two devices that are not synchronized with one another via a clocking mechanism or other technique. Basically, the sender can transmit data at any time, and the receiver must be ready to accept information when it arrives. In contrast, synchronous transmission is a precisely timed stream of bits in which the start of a character is located by using a clocking mechanism.

Both ways are used in the process of teaching and learning English with most interesting way. The communication provides initiative for both learners and teachers to further develop the learning process. This has been noted as hybrid approach in Introduction to Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Language Teaching and Learning, from the book Online Learning and Teaching in ELT. By this method, both students and teachers can create their own ways of understanding and learning experience.

The usual and common way of communication using Internet and computer is of course via emails. Based on Chapter 4 in Reading in Online Language Learning and Teaching, language has develop into a certain style from using emails. The most obvious characteristics in such language are “grammatical inaccuracy, miscommuncation, inappropriate language use and different types of language function” (from the book). The practise of economising words and phrases in emails has been found to have great influence in writing activities among ESL learners(Anbalagan et al.,2003).


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