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Through the internet, you not only find information but also friends. The social networks that exist in the internet make this process possible. There are many of them in fact that you might find it confusing. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, Wyan, MyYearBook, Hi5, Tagged and the list goes on. Some find that one is better than the other. Well, it is up to you guys actually. The system of each social networks basically make use of the user’s profile as a platform to link him with other users thus make an interaction. The Wall which is the main page of the profile is where the summary of all of their activities. Some consist of Profile Page where users show their basic information and also decorate it to attract other users. Well, that were the basic. Now let’s compare my favourite social network that is Facebook with other social network, how about MySpace. Both social networks have both Wall and Profile page. Users can upload their own pictures to their profile for them to share their experience with all their friends inside the network. If they have pictures of their friends, they can also tagged the picture so that the person in the picture will know. The social networks make use of many applications that the server provided. Most of the applications were made by the users themselves and some by the networks themselves. The applications may consist of musics, videos, pictures and even games. Some shows time, calender and birthdays. From time to time, users find it useful to post their feelings or event for others to see. That is when tagline come into action. Usually, the tagline will shown as ‘What are you doing right now?’ or ‘What’s on your mind?’. This is the shout-out self-comment from the user to all. To interact with only a particular friend, you can send profile comments. For simultaneous interaction, users can use IM or Instant Messenger. This is where users can chat with each other. However, even both social network is almost the same, there are some differences. In Facebook, users mainly use taglines and there is no profile comment while Myspace is the other way around even though Myspace has both tagline and profile comment. Wall in Facebook allows users to post their comments on whatever activities that shows up. That’s the downfall of MySpace as it only allow users to post comment on its page not the activities. However, Facebook does not have profile customisation like MySpace has. In MySpace, users can change the profile’s background wallpaper, change the arrangement of the interaction blocks and application blocks. In Facebook on the other hand, users cannot. Thus, users will have to accept the same page style everyday. Eventhough some might say Facebook is too simple, for me that is the reason I chose Facebook. This simplicity has many benefit. First, it is easier for me to know what other is doing as the activities stream always in check for even a difference of 2 seconds. As in Facebook we can comment on others’ activities, such prompt posting do help a lot. The other is Facebook tagline which allows all users to comment of what I says in mind. Hence, it become almost like a chat-room. You can post about your engagement for all to see and by not less that a minute, your friends will give their congratulations and comments. The last one I guess is the needless of profile customisation. I find it tedious and impractical for me to decorate my profile just to attract others to interact with me. As all the profile in Facebook use the same custom page. To know more about social networking, click this useful link I have found,



  1. hana Said:

    Hi there Ameer, Assalamualaikum… šŸ™‚

    I’ve always enjoyed your posts since the last blog
    (I might envy a little… hehe but don’t take too much credit of that ya!)

    Ah… all blogs I’ve read (3 blogs) prefer facebook. err, including mine. lol.

    • Really? But I always thought mine was too simple. Kind of felt jealous of Abang’s blog. More detailed than mine. I tries to make mine light though; easier for readers to read. LOL

  2. hana Said:

    Check out my blog:

    see what you have to say bout mine,
    hehe, what’s abang’s URL? I have a few blogs links only. Like, you and Anne…
    ah.. and chah’s is simple but nice

    • i don’t know..never actually see other blog..hik3

      • wongweiteng Said:

        no nid to feel envy la…u guys did a very good job ady!! a lot better than mine!!

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